• oradea-city-report
    Cairo International Airport Application
    A wonderful application in English to Cairo International Airport, displays dates all access and take-off flights moment by moment With maps and data for everything inside the guide The airport and how to access it
  • Rolling Pizza
    Rolling Pizza
    Beauty Salons Application
    The first application of Beauty Salons in the Arab world on the Android and iPhone salons, It allows the possibility of booking appointments and services by working schedule as well as a basket to buy products ...With a display of all the services and images that belong to the center, customer database and linked to Google Maps
  • Easy Meditation
    Easy Meditation
    Featured application for cities
    Application is specially designed to be a guide for any city or area or province, provides many services to its residents, including addresses guide for everything in the region with photos, maps and methods of communication, It also provides instantaneous notifications an infinite number for each user for application from the residents of this city
  • housar
    My Stuff Application
    Strong Management system and follow-up work teams and employees through mobile, Record attendance and leave in a smart way,strong communication system between the administration and all working in institutions and bodies
  • OCA
    Qodrat Application
    A wonderful application in the field of education to serve students in Saudi Arabia, And it allows students to answer the tests and display the results immediately, With other Many properties discovered it yourself
  • Nili
    Grand services Application
    Application services like uber,Which connects customers with all providers closest services on the map, Fantastic classifications of services and chat between the customer and the service provider with Google maps exactly like Ober
  • How much does an app cost?
    Charities Application
    A wonderful application to charities and bodies tied to a Web site that contains all the characteristics that you need associations and institutions to communicate with visitors
E-Learning Mobile APP

E-Learning Mobile APP

interactive mobile app for all students with different kinds of exams and questions , student can signup and solve his grade exams , the app has a cool design and easy interface , every student recieve notifications every day .

powerfull backend to manage and edit all the app content ( categories - subjects - questions - answers - students - teachers ) & send free unlimited number of notifications to all users .

Wazakkir - Islamic App

Wazakkir - Islamic App

islamic mobile app design, Wazakkir. sound and text notifications all the day , electronic Sebhah , easy for users, has a good design.

users can add there own text , they also can share it easily.

Caz , The mobile application of services

Caz , The mobile application of services

Mobile app ( Android and IOS ) that specializing to link between the customer and the workers and operators , A mobile app that has numerous advantages that will complete your business and your demands in One Click

Its application has easy use interface control , If you want to bring a craftsman or professional worker by simply using the application , you will choose among of hundreds Specialists craftsmen in providing good Services which you want in your home , car , or company. This mobile application with more than one language

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Ablekishen Cities Online Mobile application specialized in the development of marketing plans and the design and implementation of integrated advertising campaigns.

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