Mobile App Lost

You can find your missing items or view the lost items that you found through the application

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The opening screen


Money Section


Lost Electronic

- A mobile application whose idea is to help all those who have lost their own things in finding them through the application. Those who find something missing will display the missing thing on the application and will lose something by searching for the missing thing and taking it.

- The application has a smart control panel and easy at the same time.

- The application of high quality and outstanding performance and speed will satisfy your visitors.

- The application speaks more than one language to reach you to all your customers and professionally.

- Attractive design with elegance and good distribution of elements and easy to use.

Capture Imaging Solutions

- Text alerts images all the time free of charge for all users of the application.

- Add an infinite number of content with ease.

- Application is divided into all the missing items such as special section for clothes or electronics and others

- The application is compatible with all different screen sizes for the phones and tablets

Capture Imaging Solutions

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