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- is the mobile application of iPhone and Android, in addition to a website that presents the news of the world and Arab news in particular,

- This free application allows you to view the news of Iraq and the world as it happens, and review them with different ratings such as politics, sports, economy and miscellaneous, and Fur

The release of any urgent news will be the first to know as it will get to your phone notice quickly and this is the advantage of the application

- Mobile Applcation displays all the news first and with full credibility

- The first free application that offers you the latest local, international, political, sports and general articles

- The application allows the administrator to send free alerts to users with new news and more

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- By applying the free pulse you can share any news with social media like Twitter and Facebook

- A suitable interface for mobile has made the company Grand Pioneers mobile application applications great effort in the application of Iraq News for all to ensure that the process of browsing and reading news on mobile or mobile is smooth, convenient and practical for the user

- The application features a clear and easy to use control panel and three, you can use for the application of Android and iPhone application and website

- You can also access any page, read readers' comments about a specific news or program, write your own opinions, and share or re-publish it on your own social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

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