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Mobile application to ship the first goods in Egypt

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- Mobile application Android and iPhone specializes in helping customers to communicate easily with the company

- Application makes it easy to ship goods easily

- First Arab application specializes in the shipment of goods in a wonderful way

- Applying more than one language to make it easier for everyone to use

- Application is linked to Media Media to make it easier for everyone to publish content easily

- An application that makes it easy to display your service in an attractive way

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- Communicate directly with the hijackers, such as ChatSpot

- Presentation of the company's success partners

- The application allows the manager to use the free alerts feature in an unlimited number so that a new offer has been placed for customers or a new product comes

Notifications for all app users alerts such as Facebook or Twitter alerts.

- Full control of the most important page of your company (from us) to build confidence with your visitors and customers of your company

- Control panel distinguished by more than one language, easy to use on the application manager

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