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The application is easy and wonderful to bring out the voice of the male every hour in addition to the electronic spice and textual recitation.

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It has a general application interface

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The appearance of al-Azhar

- An Islamic application in Arabic that runs random audio and textual recitations throughout the day,

- Contains an electronic rosary, the application features an attractive and simple Islamic design.

- The application can issue an audio souvenir by determining the quantity (small - medium - many) and on the basis of which the voice is issued by voice.

- You can publish the application, and do not deprive yourself of the ongoing charity and the dissemination of good.

- Applying great dhikr, audio reminders every hour, textual recitation on your mobile phone is an excellent electronic swipe that helps you praise easily.

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- An easy and wonderful application that sends the voice of a male every hour in addition to the electronic spice and textual recitation.

Mobile application with great design and super speed in design.

- A unique mobile application for Android and iPhone specialized in easy to handle.

- In the application you can add a new male you want to chat with the existing memory.

- The application allows you to add your opinion in the application as you see it.

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