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Mobile App Store for Android and iPhone.

- Mobile Applcation brings together all family stores produced in Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Arab countries in all fields.

- Mobile application that provides support and marketing services so that this application remains the first and best choice for all.

- The application contains a dynamic control panel and is intended here to control the application of Android and iPhone with each other.

- The application contains more than one language to make it easier for everyone to use it.

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-The application is easy to control and has a very professional and beautiful design.

- The application has an interface designed with a professional and also easy to use in dealing with it.

- Control panel and application are linked to sites Media Media to facilitate the deployment of the user.

- Customers can communicate with the store and put their inquiries and complaints through form complaints and inquiries.

- Application of free alerts sent by the manager to customers and also to service providers unlimited number.

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